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Civil Services Exam, conducted by the Union Public Service Commission of India every year, is the most attempted exam in the world. While the number of candidates sitting for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) might be larger, the exam is held around the world and around the year; whereas, the Civil Services Exam (CSE), popularly called IAS Exam, is held only in India and only once a year. It is a long three-stage exam, and from the date of publication of Notification to the publication of final results of successful candidates, is a long one and a half year period. Its pass percentage is atrocious, if anything: out of about 300,000 who fill up the application form, only about 300 to 400 are finally recommended - a pass percentage of one in a thousand! This makes it one of the most difficult exams in the world, and despite a recruitment process that is far from perfect, it ensures that the very best are selected. While, with the liberalisation setting in, the private sector has offered far more lucrative offers for meritorious students, Civil Services still have tremendous charm for a large student population.

There are a thousand and one questions to which you need answers.

Find englightenment here...
One lifetime is too short a time to make all the mistakes in the world and learn from them. All the more reason why you should learn from the advice of others. Saves time, you see! What more reason you need to read this? I also blundered on my way. You can read more of my mistakes here...

UPSC Headquarters, New Delhi

What you require?

If a thousand compete and only one succeeds, it is obvious that the vast majority lack something. Among others, you need:

Idea about the exam. Don't underestimate this point - most people are just plain ignorant.

Strategy. Plain study is a difficult way to succeed, if not impossible. We need to make the process easy.

Study material. You won't go anywhere without it.

Guidance. It is not needed on all days, but when you do need it, you really need it.
Hardwork, determination, perseverance. Hope. Lots of it.

This website is here to help you and make the way to your success a little easier. But make no mistake:

Your success depends ultimately upon you and your luck/fate (or whatever you call it)!



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